June, 2006
Laparkan Joins Global Shipping Networks

In June 2006 Laparkan became members of the World Cargo Alliance (WCA), China Global Logistics Network (CGLN), India Global Logistics Network (IGLN) and Advanced Professional Logistics Network (APLN). The Laparkan Network which is the most extensive in the Caribbean would now be offering the Caribbean region a truly global service. Laparkan can now provide shipping services to and from Europe, China, India, and elsewhere in the Far East. "Caribbean shippers would benefit in some ways including global access, competitive pricing and convenient schedules," commented Mr. Naraine, Senior Vice-President, Laparkan.

The WCA Family of Logistic Networks team is 100% devoted to helping regional forwarders to have more opportunity to win in the competition within the marketplace.

World Cargo Alliance is the leading network of international transportation and supply chain companies ever created. Today, World Cargo Alliance has greater than 600 member offices located in more than 120 countries and in close to 400 world markets, providing its members with substantially more services than any other network in the world.

Advanced Professional Logistics Network is the third largest and strongest network, looking up only at WCA and CGLN as the undisputed leader. Advanced Professional Logistics Network share most of the same benefits and services enjoyed by World Cargo Alliance members.

China Global Logistics Network a wholly owned subsidiary of World Cargo Alliance designed to benefit the thousands of China forwarders seeking help in finding trusted agents worldwide. China Global Logistics Network is dedicated to China and the international forwarders, which has need for more effective solutions within this mega growth market.

India Global Logistics Network is the first globally recognized freight forwarding network dedicated to connecting small and medium sized independent freight forwarders in India and the Sub-Continent with similar companies worldwide.

June, 2006
Laparkan Caribbean Sales Conference: Time to Take-Off!

Laparkanís Management and Sales Executives from throughout the Caribbean met on June 8-9th in Port of Spain, Trinidad to evaluate and strategize for the upcoming year. This Annual Laparkan Caribbean Sales Conference comes at a critical time as Laparkan puts structures in place to "Connect the Caribbean Globally."

In his opening remarks, Chairman and CEO, Mr. Glen Khan commended his team on making Laparkan the preferred shipper to the Caribbean while challenging the Executives to "get prepared for the Laparkan Take-off, we are in the best position ever to do so, both in the Caribbean and worldwide."

Sales Executives who were drawn from Antigua, Barbados, Dominica Republic, Guyana, Jamaica, Surinam, Trinidad and Tobago, USA, Canada and other locations met to develop strategies and plans for enhancing Laparkanís operations; adding value to customer service and experience; higher level of sales and marketing; global logistics networking; and an award ceremony for top-performers (see below for details). Senior Management and Senior Sales Executive made presentations on a wide array of subjects while the feature address at the Awards Ceremony was delivered by the legendary Paul-Keens Douglas. In his address, Paul-Keens described Laparkan as a company that communicated, connecting and uniting the Caribbean. "Laparkan is not carrying boxes and barrels around the place, Laparkan is communicating, Laparkan is bring the Caribbean together, Laparkan is carrying on an old tradition that seeks to build the Caribbean Family," observed Paul-Keens.

Mr. Shri Nariane, Senior Vice-President unveiled Laparkan's membership in the World Cargo Alliance (WCA), China Global Logistics Network (CGLN), India Global Logistics Network (IGLN) and Advanced Professional Logistics Network (APLN). "These global networks would connect the Caribbean with Europe, China, India, and elsewhere in the Far East through the Laparkan Network, the most extensive in the Caribbean. The Caribbean would benefit in some ways including global access, competitive pricing and convenient schedules," commented Mr. Naraine.

April 26, 2005
Guyana Flood 2005

The recent flood in Guyana is a tragedy of enormous proportions! It was the season for persons of charity, compassion and goodwill to assist the many families who desperately needed help. Laparkan recognized the great challenges that this flood offered and quickly organized its network, partners and customers.

As a Corporate Citizen of the Caribbean, Laparkan supported its communities in both times of celebration and tragedy. When Hurricane Ivan slammed into Grenada and Jamaica, Laparkan played a major role is moving tons of relief to the affected areas. And most recently, in Guyana, Laparkan mobilized more than US$400,000 in direct and supportive efforts and supplies for the Guyana Flood Relief. This massive exercise was executed by the entire Laparkan network in Guyana, the Caribbean, USA and Canada. Laparkan Corporate Partners included ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Ltd, Tropical Shipping, Trinidad Cement Limited, RIA Worldwide Money Transfer, Universal Airlines, Guyana Consulates, Religious Organisations as well as many Community-based Organizations and others.

The support included free shipment of containers and barrels in addition to financial support for many community initiatives. In addition to the many collaborative efforts, Laparkan provided significant discounts and incentives to thousands of individuals on shipments and money transfers to Guyana.

During the relief period, Laparkan shipped more barrels to Guyana from all its stations than any other month. In Canada, where barrel shipments were free to Guyana, Laparkan freighted more than 2,100 barrels in a very short period and similar situation were recorded at all Laparkan Stations where the price of barrels was reduced considerably. Many recipients of barrels or packages in Guyana also received cash contributions as part of a special Laparkan arrangement.

In Guyana, Guyana National Industrial Company Incorporated, a Company in which Laparkan has majority shares, provided critical works to alleviate the flooding in Georgetown and availed its resources to help in other vital areas.

William Fogarty's Limited, another Laparkan majority-owned company, provided relief to affected families. Laparkan Shipping offered its facilities and assistance for relief flown into Guyana.

In Trinidad, Laparkan responded by airlifting medical supplies, boats and other equipment for the Government of Guyana as well as partnering with the Diplomatic Community to ship needed supplies into Guyana.

Laparkan is proud of its efforts in time of dire needs and will continue to provide such critical support as the situation demands. Laparkan has developed the infrastructure, partnership and goodwill to guarantee that such support can be significant and swift. Laparkan is committed to making the difference in the lives of the people that builds the Caribbean.