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  • Handling fee of J$300 charged on each shipment
  • Goods purchased for personal use valuing USD50.00 or less is exempted from all custom fees.
  • Goods of commercial quantity imported by an individual attracts J$12,500.00 CAF
  • In addition to charges outlined on rate table Customs Assessment Fee of J$2500.00 is charged on goods valuing over USD50.00 and J$12500.00 on all commercial imports.
  • Commercial importers will be assessed a one-time fee of J$5000 by Customs to authorize Laparkan (JPak) to clear items on their behalf. This authorization lasts for 1 year and needs to be renewed upon expiry. A C73 Form for said authorization needs to be signed.
  • Medications to take orally requires a Ministry of Health Permit